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I started off writing this blog wanting to simply list my key takeaways and elaborate on each of them. I was meant to release this blog weeks ago, but the perfectionist in me wanted to create an award-winning blog. The other reason is as much work as I have done, I still fall victim from time to time to the fears of what people may think. During the retreat I felt ready to start a conversation which is very to me. After leaving the retreat I kept talking myself out of it, Will I trigger people? Do I want people in my business? Nevertheless, the throat chakra healing must be working, because the words started to pour out on the page. As some read curiosity about specific details will arise, but that was not the purpose of this particular piece of work. 
For the last three years on a regular basis, I have been cycling mentally between I’m going to create this footwear brand or die trying and what on earth am I thinking?